Borrowing Materials


  • The loan period for books, audiobooks, and music CDs is three weeks or one week if there is a hold on the item.
  • The loan period for new movies is 3 days.
  • The loan period for weekly movies and video games is one week.
  • DVD loans are limited to 10 DVDs per card at any one time.
  • Video game loans are limited to 3 games per card at any time.
  • All items may be returned in the drive-thru drop box.
  • The library does not charge or collect overdue fines on MelCat and non-rental materials.  Please see FAQ for more details.
  • If rental materials are not returned by or on their due date, additional rental fees will be charged until the items are returned.
  • Rental fees are charged for:
    • New Movies: $3 for 3 days
    • Video Games: $3 for 1 week
    • New TV Series: $3 for 1 week
  • If you have overdue materials or owe additional fees, you may not check out additional materials until the items are returned and fees are paid.

For more information please refer to our Circulation Policy.