Green Aspects

In November of 2009 the Delta Township District Library was awarded a silver LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The library was the first public building in Delta Township to qualify as a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building. There are three main components of the building taken into consideration for LEED certification:
  • Environmental benefits – using recycled materials and increasing energy efficiency conserves resources
  • Economic benefits – using local resources and suppliers reduces carbon footprint of project, but also stimulates regional economy
  • Health/Community benefits – users enjoy a building with high air quality committed to preserving its surrounding environment.



Parking lot lights

  •  energy efficient, designed to preserve dark sky and limit light pollution


  •  drought-resistant, slow-growing ground cover and shrubbery require less watering and maintenance by gas-powered equipment.
  •  rain gardens to absorb parking lot runoff and help filter out pollutants


  •  a high ratio of free soil (unpaved) remains surrounding the building and parking lot in order to improve storm water runoff

Bike racks, alternative vehicle parking and sidewalks

  •  promotes alternative forms of transportation to and from the library by providing preferred bike and alternative fuel vehicle parking spaces and convenient bus stop and pedestrian access


Building materials

  •  35% of the steel used in the building skeleton is recycled
  •  concrete used in the building uses 50% recycled fly ash from a local source
  •  tiles used throughout the building are made from recycled glass
  •  volatile organic compounds (VOCs), usually found in adhesives, paint, stains and glue were limited as much as possible


  •  maximizing the available natural light reduces the amount and strength of artificial light required
  •  glazing on the windows filters harmful UV rays and restricts loss of heat
  •  the view facing the woods helps to highlight our natural setting
  •  clerestory windows with moisture sensors open and close to increase air flow


  •  Plenum flooring leaves a space between the foundation and the floor to improve air flow and provide more efficient heating and cooling
  •  Lobby floor covering is made from cork, a renewable resource


  •  The wallboards are constructed using 90% recycled gypsum
  •  Wall coverings are made from grass, a renewable resource

Find out more about LEED certifications and green building design from the U.S. Green Building Council.