Book Resources

Finding the right book can be a time consuming process. This resource collection is provided to help consolidate the many different websites and services that contain lists of best sellers, read-a-likes, genres, favorites, and more. To the right are a number of pages devoted to specific collections of ours including Mystery and Romance resources.

An excellent starting point to locating your perfect book is to consider both your own preferences and critical and commercial success within your favorite types of books.

Amazon is a great place to start that includes both Amazon best sellers and New York Times Best Sellers. In addition to this, when browsing any by book Amazon includes user reviews, what other customers purchased, detailed synopses and author biographies.

Goodreads is useful for not only keeping track of what you and others have read and are reading, but has a tremendous user database which is constantly updating recommendations and lists sorted by genre, author, theme, time period and more. This website can still be used without signing up.

Other websites that track commercial sales are NPR, Publisher’s Weekly, and USA Today.

Popular book review websites include BookPage, the LA Times, and the Washington Post.

Once you have a book in mind, there are a few ways to check it out at the library. First check our card catalog. If it’s a new book (released in the last couple months) you can request that we purchase it. If we don’t have it, or it’s checked out, you can usually find it on MeLCat, a service that allows libraries to inter-loan their books with libraries all over the state! If you’d prefer to check out an eBbook check out the Woodlands Downloadable Library or Hoopla Digital. Both services are available on your computer or as an app for your mobile device.