Psychological Suspense

Psychological thriller is a sub-genre of the wide-ranging thriller genre, but it often incorporates elements from the mystery genre as well. Psychological thrillers feature intense action in the plot as well as in the characters’ minds.

Ablow, Keith R.

Abrahams, Peter

Cannell, Stephen

Crombie, Debra

Deaver, Jeffrey

Gardner, Lisa

Gerritsen, Tess

Grippando, James

Katzenbach, John

Kellerman, Jonathan

Kelman, Judith

Koontz, Dean

Lutz, John

Martinez, Michele

McCarthy, Cormac

O’Brien, Kevin

Olsen, Gregg

Perry, Thomas

Rendell, Ruth

Rubenfeld, Jed

Santlofer, Jonathan

Unger, Lisa

Vine, Barbara

Walters, Minette

White, Stephen

Psychopathic Criminals
Here is a list of authors who have written books that feature criminals defined by their own insanity or their skills at getting inside the minds of other characters:

Connelly, Michael

Connolly, John

Coulter, Catherine

Cornwell, Patricia

Deaver, Jeffrey

Gardner, Lisa

Gerritsen, Tess

Harris, Thomas

Hoag, Tami

Hooper, Kay

Iles, Gregg

Johansen, Iris

Kava, Alex

Kellerman, Jonathan

Koontz, Dean

Patterson, James

Pearson, Ridley

Rankin, Ian

Reichs, Kathy