Resume & Cover Letter Guides

Purdue University Online Writing Lab

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University provides instruction and suggestions for creating professional resumes and cover letters.  The pages under the Professional, Technical, and Job Search Writing heading offer general advice for resume creation as well as guides for tailoring your resume for specific purpose.

Here are a few of the general guides from OWL:

  • Cover Letter Workshop

    • This workshop covers the basics in writing an effective cover letter.  It highlights the function of a cover letter and provides a guide for preparing , designing and writing the letter.
  • Resume Workshop
    • This workshop breaks down what a standard resume must include and explains it section by section.
    • A resume example is available here as well – Adobe Acrobat (available for free download) is required to view some of the features on this site.
  • Action Verb List
    • This list of action verbs can help make your resume and cover letter stand out by helping to describe your job duties, skills and accomplishments in polished and proactive professional terms.
  • Scannable Resume Guidelines
    • This handout provides a traditional résumé sample and a scannable résumé sample for a comparison as well as general guidelines on writing scannable résumé.

Lansing Community College Resume Guide

This resource discusses starting your resume, organizing it effectively, writing content and provides format suggestions and resume samples.  The samples offer different resume styles to maximize the employment potential of job seekers with continuous work histories as well as those with  short or inconsistent work histories.