African American History

Detroit African American History Project

Wayne State University’s Education Technolgy Services/Computing and Information Services and the Walter P. Reuther Library/College of Urban, Labor and Metropolitan Affairs have collaborated on this Web site which is designed to provide high school and college students, as well as the general public with insights and facts regarding the rich history of African Americans in Detroit.

History.com: Black History Month

A variety of articles and videos highlighting major moments in African American History.

Notable Firsts in African American History

Firsts listed by category such as: government, law, science, military etc.There are also links to biographical material and other resources.

Native American History

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet

You can search 33 categories which link to websites with Native American information.  Topics range from language to genealogy and also available are a blog and links to stores.

Native American Authors

The Internet Public Library provides biographies of primarily contemporary authors, bibliographies of their works and further links to additional resources.  You can search by author, title or tribe.

Native American Sites

The home of the American Indian Library Association web page provides 11 categories of information.  The links offer information on topics ranging from the mascot issue to powwow information.

Women’s History

American Women through Time

Search specific time periods for events relevant to women and then find links to further information such as first person accounts or artifacts. Also provided are further resources.  You can also search notable women and link to biographies.

Famous Firsts by American Women

A list of famous firsts by American women with links to biographical material.