Homeschooling Resources


Presents many resources ranging from free printables to product reviews. Browse topics or search.

Homeschool Central

Serving the home school community since 1996, Homeschool Central offers articles, curricula, resources, message boards and advice.  The resource center provides links to information on over thirty topics. Searchable.

Homeschool Curriculum and Homeschooling Information

An extensive site with resources for preschool through high school homeschoolers; it supplies articles, curriculums, free materials, links, booklists and more.  Also covered are home school legal issues and methods of teaching.  Also available is a chat room.  The site is searchable.

Homeschool Diner

Maintained by homeschooling mom, Julie Shepherd Knapp, this site is full of articles, curriculum ideas, and links to online resources, plus helpful suggestions, friendly advice, and a little homeschool humor.  This site is geared toward all homeschoolers, rather than one particular group.

Home School Legal Defense Association

Maintains information about homeschooling laws in each state.

Montessori Index

Provides information on the Montessori method.

National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI)

This nonprofit organization is devoted to research and disseminates information pertaining to homeschooling.


Living Math Forum

An “on-topic” list dedicated to incorporating learning about math into daily life in a holistic way.

Homeschooling Special Needs Kids

For parents homeschooling children who have any type of special need.

Radical Unschoolers List

Offers support, information, and perspective to anyone already unschooling or interested in unschooling.


Capital Homeschool Athletic Program (CHAP)

Christian Home Educators’ Support System (CHESS) – Lansing

Eaton County Homeschool Families

Home School Music Association

Homeschool Days at Foster

Homeschool Lansing: Inclusive Resources for Parent Educators

Information Network for Christian Homes (INCH) – Lansing

Lansing Area Homeschool Academy

Lansing Area Homeschool Families

Lansing Homeschoolers

Michigan Catholic Home Educators

Michigan Christian Emerging Homeschoolers