Urban Fiction

Urban fiction, also known as street lit, ghetto fiction or hip hop lit, are generally crime stories centered on the difficult choices and often tragic outcomes of young people coming of age in gritty urban settings.  Drugs, prostitution, and thug life all figure into these stories and depictions of sex and violence are often explicit.

Anthony, Mark

Baker, T.

Brown, Tracy


Clark, Wahida

DeBerry, Virginia

Dickey, Eric Jerome

Ervin, Keisha

Goines, Donald

Harris, E. Lynn

Hernandez, Treasure

Hobbs, Allison

Holmes, Shannon

Howard, Tracie

Hunter, Angel

Slim, Iceberg

Jackson, Ryna


John, Mable

Joseph, Dwayne S.


Lennox, Lisa

McKinney, Tina Brook

Monroe, Mary

Morrison, Mary B.


Ray, Francis

Relentless Aaron

Rome Parks, Electa

Sister Souljah

Stringer, Vickie M.

Thomas, Tricia R.


Turner, Nikki

Weber, Carl

Whitaker, Tu-Shonda