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Call for Recipes

This fall join DTDL in sharing and celebrating the recipes that have made an impact in your life – or someone else’s! Submit your recipes and stories to be part of the Delta Township community cookbook by emailing them to We are accepting recipes from September 1 - October 31. 

We are not looking just for Grandma’s Secret Cookie recipe; we want the story behind the recipe too. We want the sandwich you shared with a friend who had nothing, the stew that opened your eyes to a new connection. 

You may submit up to three (3) recipes. Photographs of original recipes are acceptable as long as they are legible. We may contact you for clarification as needed. Multiple recipes must be submitted as separate files. In order to be featured in our short story dispenser, entries must be 8000 characters or less.

Recipes should include:

  • Name of the recipe/dish
  • All ingredients with quantities
  • Time to prepare from start to finish
  • Preparation and cooking procedures
  • Equipment required
  • Serving size
  • Origin of the recipe / the story about what the dish means to you
You may also wish to include with your recipe:

  • A photo of the dish
  • Variations on the recipe
By submitting a recipe, you agree that the content is original and free from copyright restrictions. All entries become the property of the Delta Township District Library and may be reproduced for public distribution, displayed in the library, and posted online.