5130 Davenport Dr.
Lansing, MI 48917

Carside & Locker Pickup

DTDL has two convenient options for picking up library items outside the library.

Grab & Go Hold Lockers
Pick up your holds 24/7 from our Grab and Go Hold Lockers! Lockers are located to the right of the library entrance.

  1. Request items: Use the online catalog to place holds and select the Delta Hold Locker Pickup Location. Library staff can also help you place items on hold for the lockers.
  2. Wait for notification: Library staff will email or call you when your holds are ready for pickup. Items will be held for 5 business days.
  3. Pickup your items.
    • At the locker screen, scan your library card - be sure to have your library card with you.
    • Your locker will pop open and your items will be automatically checked out.
    • Choose to have your due dates emailed to you or wait for a paper receipt to print.
    • Take your items and close any open locker doors before you leave.
Ineligible Items
Some items may not be picked up via Grab & Go Lockers including:
  • MeLCat items
  • Library of Things/Little Things
  • Youth Media (Launchpads, Playaway Views, Read Along books)
  • Items with multiple pieces
  • Video Games

Carside Pickup
Carside hold pickup is available during open library hours.

  1. Request items: Use the online catalog or MeLCat to place holds or ask staff to place items on hold for you.
  2. Wait for notification: Library staff will email or call you when your holds are ready for pickup. DTDL items will be held for 5 business days and MeLCat items for 10 business days.
  3. Pick up your items.
    • Be sure to have your library card number and a phone with you. When you arrive, you will communicate with library staff through the link provided in your notification email, or by text or phone call. 
    • Drive, walk, or bike to the library
      • By vehicle: Park in one of the marked “Carside Pickup” spaces and follow the directions on the sign. Library staff will bring your items to you while you remain in your vehicle.
      • By bike/walking: Library staff will bring your items out to you.
Additional Carside Services
  • Take It & Make It Kits
  • BookMatch
  • Remote Printing
  • BookPage: Request a copy of BookPage when you arrive to pick up your library items.
  • Fees: If you need to pay any fees related to past bills, rental items, or printing, you may do so with a credit card over the phone.